Original Contemporary Fine Art Paintings by Liz W

Welcome to Liz W Fine Art, located in Colorado near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Liz creates contemporary fine art paintings inspired greatly by the beauty of natural surroundings. Her artwork is most influenced by surrealism, semi-abstract, and abstract genres. With a highly skilled eye for art composition, Liz has a knack for bringing life, movement, and an ethereal quality to her paintings. Drawn to the responsiveness of acrylic paint Liz creates various fine art collections rich with bold emotion that bring a meaningful connection between art and viewer. Wholeheartedly committed to delivering exceptional art, service, and quality, Liz’s goal is to exceed and maintain client satisfaction. Only the finest quality professional grade acrylic paints and canvases are used. After the paintings are finished, an acrylic UV varnish is applied to protect them against light and dust for many years of enjoyment.


"Music is my greatest inspiration. The melody and expression of sound travel deep into my soul, flow through my paintbrush, and onto the canvas. What I love about abstract art is that sometimes I don't know what I am about to paint. It's not always planned out in my mind. My soul feels the music and pure expression emerges onto the canvas." – Liz W


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