Colorado contemporary artist Liz Whaley of Liz W Fine Art creates original fine art paintings using high quality professional grade acrylic paint and texture on canvas. Liz often incorporates mixed media of items inspired from travel and cultural influences. Her range and style of contemporary art are greatly influenced by surrealism, semi-abstract, and abstract genres.

Since childhood Liz has been artistically involved in the arts. In her early years she performed as a company dancer with Olympic Ballet Theatre and was featured in a plethora of professional ballets and choreographic pieces. With advanced degrees in Design and Business Management she spent the next years of her creative journey designing in the fashion industry for Nordstrom, Inc. and Tommy Bahama. Liz later evolved her creative and analytical skills into user experience design. With this diverse creative and technical background Liz developed a highly skilled eye for art composition and has a knack for bringing life, movement, and an ethereal quality to her paintings. Drawn to the responsiveness of acrylic paint Liz W creates various fine art collections rich with emotion that bring a meaningful connection between art and viewer.

“Applying paint to canvas is a dance, the movement of brushstrokes in perfect harmony; the performance is exhilarating and extraordinary. The incredible silent expression of telling a story through movement and emotion captivates an audience in a moment.” – Liz W


“Music is my greatest inspiration. The melody and expression of sound travel deep into my soul, flow through my paintbrush, and onto the canvas. What I love about abstract art is that sometimes I don’t know what I am about to paint. It’s not always planned out in my mind. My soul feels the music and pure expression emerges onto the canvas.” – Liz W