Welcome to the Liz W Art Blog

It is with great excitement I dive into the world of blogging!


Welcome to my first art blog

I am Liz Whaley, Coloradan and contemporary artist. I started my art business, Liz W Fine Art, in 2009 out of a desire to paint and sell contemporary fine art. I received great interest in my artwork and found many customers eager to fill their homes with my paintings. My motto is to inspire the lives of others and style their homes with my original contemporary art paintings. I am and always will be committed to creating and selling high quality paintings, and providing exceptional customer service and care. I think part of the fun for customers buying Liz W paintings is the personal buying experience I provide. I connect with each and every customer to ensure they are thrilled with their purchase.


A little about me

My art studio and home are located in the beautiful sunshine state of Colorado. I am originally from the emerald city of Seattle, WA. My husband Eric and I relocated to the small friendly town of Firestone, CO in the year of 2013. We were tired of the rain and wanted a change of scenery and lifestyle. My neighbors will often find me painting in my art studio or outside during the warm summer months. Viewing the Rocky Mountains every day sure brings a great deal of inspiration to me. I feel so fortunate to live in such a beautiful state.Liz W-Eric-Whaley


What I love to do

Allergy Free Cooking:  coming up with great new gluten free recipes, yes I am one of those gluten intolerant folks. I consider it a blessing as it has brought tremendous health to my life and creativity in the kitchen.
Outdoor Activities:  hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, canoeing, bird watching, and occasional sport climbing.
Yoga:  I am a yoga freak. I practice yoga regularly in my very own yoga room…yes I have a yoga room. Shiva Rea is my all-time favorite yoga teacher. I have just about all of her videos.
Ballroom Dancing:  Eric and I have been ballroom dancing for over 15 years. Most of our friends tell us we are just like the show “Dancing with the Stars”.
Travel:  Eric and I love to travel…especially to islands! Some of our favorites destinations include Maui Hawaii, Aruba, Costa Rica, US Virgin Islands, and British Virgin Islands.
Theater:  I love, love, love going to theatrical performances, especially ballet or anything dance related.


Why am I blogging and what’s in it for you?

I am blogging to share a variety of topics around contemporary art and my life as an artist.
Topics relevant to modern art may include:
• How & why a painting is varnished
• Benefits of Acrylic paint
• How to frame your paintings
• How to hang your painting
• Art prints versus original paintings
• What is abstract art?
• My current progress on paintings I am creating
• Why I use acrylic over oil paints
• Home Decor and how to style your home with artwork
• Inspirations and art conceptualization


Topics relevant to my life as an artist may include:
• Outdoor activities
• Yoga
• Dancing
• Gluten free cooking
• Traveling


How to provide feedback and get involved?

Please feel free to get involved with my blog and leave me comments using the “Leave a Reply” comment form below. Tell me how I am doing, what topics you like or dislike, or contact me to send a personal message. Your feedback is appreciated and encouraged.

Liz Whaley
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