Tribute to Vladimir Kush – my favorite artist!

My absolute favorite artist is surreal painter Vladimir Kush. I discovered his artwork while vacationing in Maui, Hawaii with my husband Eric and my awesome in-laws. We were strolling through the town Lahaina on a nice warm evening and found Kush’s gallery! I was absolutely mesmerized by his incredible paintings. We spent over an hour in the gallery admiring his work. I found myself studying his artistry as I moved from painting to painting. I find that studying the work of another great artist significantly advances my own artistry. I decided to paint renditions of a few of his pieces, “Decent to the Mediterranean” and “Farewell Kiss”.


Phases of progress painting my rendition of “Decent to the Mediterranean” – I call it “Descent to Pebble Beach” – a surreal golf painting.

Descent to Pebble Beach Golf Painting In Progress 3

Descent to Pebble Beach Golf Painting In Progress 2

Descent to Pebble Beach Golf Painting In Progress 1


My rendition of “Farewell Kiss” surreal landscape painting

Farewell-Kiss-Landscape-Painting Farewell-Kiss-Landscape-Painting-side-view Farewell-Kiss-Landscape-Painting-close-up Farewell-Kiss-Landscape-Painting-close-up-3 Farewell-Kiss-Landscape-Painting-close-up-2


I really surprised myself with my capability while painting these. Through his artwork Vladimir Kush has challenged and helped me to uncover my potential as a fine artist. I am forever grateful for the day I discovered Vladimir Kush!

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