How did you discover your love for painting? 

Many people have asked me this question, so I thought I would share my story in a blog post. I developed a passion for art at a very young age. I studied shadows, light, and the depth and vibrancy of color in my surroundings. I naturally developed an eye for composition. I would arrange things in such a way that brought harmony and balance even to the most chaotic layouts.

My favorite class in school was of course art. I took as many art classes as I could. I always wanted to major in fine art, but the influences of people around me at the time urged me to take a more practical approach to earn a decent living. I feared that I might not survive on an artist’s income. My fears of the possibility for financial struggle initially kept me from pursuing my dream. I settled for a career in apparel and graphic design and attended one of the top private colleges, FIDM. The moment I realized I had a gift and absolute love for painting was when I was assigned a watercolor collage project in my illustration class in college. This was the first painting I created:


I surprised myself while creating this artwork. I remember my professor critiquing (more like verbally destroying…we all feared her) the class artwork and when she came to my work she said, “Now this is fine art”. From that point on I vowed to follow my heart. I immersed myself in painting all the while realizing I needed a good business head on my shoulders in order to succeed. I graduated FIDM with honors and shortly after earned a Business Management degree. I launched my fine art business all the while designing for Nordstrom and Tommy Bahama to maintain a steady income. I found that painting works from successful artists I admired taught me a great deal and dramatically advanced my skill level as a professional artist.

Below are few of the pivotal works that advanced my love and skill of painting. I am forever grateful to artists Rene Magritte and Vladimir Kush for inspiring and teaching me their craft even if only through their artwork.

My rendition of Rene Magritte’s The Therapist or Le Therepute


My rendition of Vladimir Kush’s Journey to the Mediterranean

Descent to Pebble Beach Golf Painting In Progress 3

My rendition of Vladimir Kush’s Farewell Kiss


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