“Applying paint to canvas is a dance, the movement of brushstrokes in perfect harmony; the performance is exhilarating and extraordinary. The incredible silent expression of telling a story through movement and emotion captivates an audience in a moment.” – Liz W

About Liz Whaley - Colorado Contemporary Fine Artist

Liz Whaley of Liz W Fine Art creates one of a kind original contemporary fine art paintings rich with emotion that bring a meaningful connection between art and collector. Liz’s paintings are often inspired by life experiences, music, and natural landscapes. Unlike many artists, Liz hand mixes all of her paint purely from primary colors achieving a vast array of rich tones unique to her artwork. Liz’s paintings are most influenced by etherealism, surrealism, semi-abstract, and abstract genres. With a highly skilled eye for art composition, Liz has a knack for bringing life, movement, and a dream-like quality to her paintings. The arts have always strongly influenced Liz’s life. In her early years she performed as a company dancer with Olympic Ballet Theatre and was featured in a plethora of professional ballets and choreographic pieces. When Liz wasn’t dancing she spent her time drawing and painting and dreaming of one day becoming a fine artist. The fear of not being able to make it as a successful artist at first kept her from pursuing her dream. With advanced degrees in Design and Business Management she pursued a career in apparel and graphic design. Liz later evolved her creative and analytical skills into the field of user experience design. With this diverse creative and technical background, she developed a highly skilled eye for art composition across a variety of platforms all of which influence her artistic process. Liz never stopped dreaming of being a fine artist and finally gave herself the permission to pursue and evolve her craft. She opened Liz W Fine Art in 2010 successfully selling original paintings solely through word of mouth. Connecting people with meaningful art fuels her passion for painting.

How I create my Original Fine Art Paintings

I begin each artwork with an inspiration: a place, or something I feel. Depending on the artwork I will sketch the composition onto the canvas. Unlike most artists, I hand-mix all of my paint from primary colors which means the colors are of the highest quality pigment and are completely unique to the artwork. I apply the paint to the canvas like a dance using brushstrokes, texture, and sometimes mixed media. After hours of painting I will often stand back to observe the piece and determine if the subject emulates the expression I am seeking to communicate. Once satisfied I will let the paint dry for multiple days. After the painting is dry I apply coats of UV gloss varnish to protect the painting from light and dust for a lifetime of enjoyment.

I am wholeheartedly committed to delivering exceptional art, service, and quality. My goal is to maintain and exceed client satisfaction. Only the finest quality professional grade acrylic paints and canvases are used. Acrylic paintings have a long life span and can be a great investment for the art connoisseur or first time art buyer. They can retain their radiance as long or longer than oil paints and are more resistant to aging.

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